January Through IG

1. New Years. Me & him spent the New Year the Gold & Glitter Party that Hardwell was DJing at. The only thing that we had was gold was our necklaces lol. 2. I'm back at school! & this is the view I get in the morning at school. The joy of morning classes. 

3. Spent the day with this cutie. He was watching Despicable Me on my lap. 4. Me and him went to the J.Cole concert on the 15th. It was ok...J.Cole is not a good live performer in my opinion. 

5. On the 16th, it was mine and his 6 year anniversary. We didn't plan anything special but we did go to a fancy restaurant, the Home Tasting Room on Stephan Ave. It was delicious.   6. This new Korean fried chicken joint just opened up on Kensignton, Wow Chicken. I went with my cousin to try it out. It was ok, nothing to special...Lisa said to try the one in Airdrie called Yum Yum Chicken.


Jan Favorites 2014

1. Nives Pure & Natural Mint & Minerals  2. Nivea SPF 20 Soothing Care  3. EOS Strawberry sorbet. 

My lips have been super dry this past winter and these are the lip balms that moisturised my lips the best. I love the Nivea lip balms with soothing care and mint in them because they really do just sooth my lips.

4. Essie Black Licorice 5. Clinique New Clover Blush  6. Lush It's Raining Men Shower Gel.

Been Rocking black nails everyday in Jan and I'm actually still rocking them right now. I like this Clinique blush because I think it gives my cheeks enough colour without over doing it.

I have received this Lush shower gel as a present last year and I have recently decided to try it out. It smell delicious.

7.Timberlands. (Boys size 4)

If you follow me on IG, you would know how much I've been wearing these boots...almost every day. They're pretty dirty now and worn in now.

8. Macarons

Who does love French Macarons? These are from Yann Haute Patisserie, the yellow house on 4th st.

9. Sweeten Soy Milk 10. Milktea

11. American Horror Story: Coven 

Normally I do not watch anything that is scary but I was intrigued by this season because I keep seeing snapshots of the outfits that the characters wore in the internet. I like this season because is wasn't really scary...now for their first and second season of AHS...I cannot handle haunted houses or mental hospitals, so I will not be watching those seasons any time soon.. 

And that is it for my favourites in January. 


Guess Chinook IG

Today I have deleted my GuessChinook IG account that I have made for my work. Why? because the Guess social media had asked me to change my account name and to rewrite the bio so that it no longer said guess in it. I couldn't think of a better username and what to write in the bio because I have made the entire account revolving around "GuessChinook".  I'm a little bummed out because they have repost my pictures in the past and had no issues with my IG account...oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


NeverWet on my Timberland Boots

 I have been seeing this NeverWet product on IG and Vine & I really wanted to try it on my new Timberlands. It's suppose to make liquids bead off whatever you spray with this stuff.
This is my before picture of my Timbs.
So, you spray the base coat first and let it dry for 30mins and then spray on the top coat and let it cure for another 30mins.
 This is what my boots looked like after the base coat. I would strongly recommend you spraying this stuff outside. When I did the first coat, I nearly died, I had to do the second coat on the balcony outside.
This is what my boots looked like after the second coat and curing for 30mins. The NeverWet made the color of my boot very dull. I think it's because I used it on leather, all of the canvas shoes that I saw on IG and Vine didn't have a dull color to it.

Here is a video of me pouring water on my shoes.

I'm pretty impressed on how well it worked but I also regret putting this product on my Timbs because it made my boot color so dull and gross feeling. My boots felt like they were really grungy. If I had a choice to purchase this product again...I wouldn't.


My Pink Samsung Galaxy S4

I have official cut ties with my Iphone4...well almost, I use it as an Ipod now. 

As some of you may have known...Dan got me a new phone for Christmas! He got my the new Galaxy S4 &&& I do not regret the switch over. I love how much more advance it is a more customize-able this phone could be unlike the Iphone (you would have to jail break the phone to get themes).  

Anyways, here is what my phone looks like...it's all pink!!! Pink is not the color I would normally rock...but when it comes to electronics and other stuff that are not clothes...I love pink! 

I got this battery case off of eBay. The brand is BubblePack and it comes from Korea...I think. 

Baby Pink Battery CaseFor Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 $11 CAN

I cannot remember where I got my lock screen picture from...I think I googled it. 

Phone App: Dodol Launcher - Phone Decor App
Dodol Theme: Adorable Pink Skin 

2014 Haul

Happy New Year!!!

Here is my first haul of 2014. I haven't really been shopping much because I am now a broke ass from being a full time student now...most of the things i have bought are from last fall until now. I will try to leave a link of the stuff that are still available above the pictures. ENJOY!

Oh, I took all of the picture with my new Samsung Galaxy S4. Some are a little blurry because the darn camera wouldn't focus...or it did and when I looked at it on the comp...it would be blurry.

These are all the stuff that I have thrifted in the fall.

I found this super soft Esprit puffer vest. I think i paid about $10 for this.

This stripped top had a low cut detail in the back...like a ballerina top. I cannot remember how much I paid for this...$10ish?

This pastry stand was $4!!! I couldn't leave it behind. I got bored of my DIY ring and watch holder, so I threw it out and started to store my watches and earrings in it. 

I found this chiffon tank for about $5! and it  has a low cut back in the back as well.


 I have been eyeing these leggings since the summer, but could never bring myself into purchasing it. When I finally got my student loan...the first thing I did with it was pay off my visa, & bought these baby. The faux leather on these are soooooo soft and since they are high waisted...my food baby gets sucked up and covered. ;)

Dan actually got me this hoodie :). This hoodie has the same leather materiel as the leggings and is super comfy. 

This is just a cute lace bralette to wear under sheer tops. 


Most of the Guess stuff that I have bought from my work were all on sale & were additional 50% off the sale price at the time...again because I am now a broke ass student and don't work enough to buy the new product lol. 

EMBELLISHED SEQUIN SHORTS Original price was $79 with the sale I paid $35

SCARLET DENIM SHORTS WITH LEOPARD-PRINT PANEL the original price was $79 & I got them for $25.

Can you tell I am summer ready?

Kate Skinny Destroy These were originally $109 I think with the sale I got them for $40.

These jeans are so comfy. I got a size bigger so when they stretched out, they would become the perfect baggy BF jeans with out making me look sloppy.

Leather Cross Body I got this on sale as well...although I do not remember the price.

KATE LACE TRENCH COAT original price $208, This was 1 out of 2 things I got from the new collection with my discount. 

This is the only Guess trench that fitted me properly so I had to get it. Also I remember my store getting it last year & it sold out within 2 weeks.

Gold Men's Guess Watch original price $185, this was the second item that I got with my discount. 

I got the Clinique face wash at shoppers, I think it was $30? I LOVE this face wash! You only need a little and the bubbles never stop bubbling!

I also got the Britney Spears Curious perfume at Winners for $20. I love this scent.

Revolve Clothing

FINDERS KEEPERS Instincts Blues Bra $43
I have been into bralettes lately especially the ones that have cut outs and delicate features. I just think it's a fun tease underneather a sheer top. This fits true to size. 

This one is a velvet bralette with a whole bunch of straps


Uraban Outfitters

Super Soft Sweat shirt I'm not sure what the orignal price was but I got this for $10 on sale!
This sweat shirt is soooo soft. I feel like I'm wearing a super soft blanket on me..or a sheep lol.


My DIY Halloween Stormtrooper Costume

Hey guys! So this is how my DIY Stormtrooper costume turned out.

There was suppose to be more faux white leather detail on my outfit but I had a lot of problems trying to put everything together (fake leather does not have any stretch to it, so I tried sewing the leather patches on while I was wearing the black top and skirt...when I was done I than realized that I couldn't take them off my body because the top and skirt didn't have zippers. I have to un-stitch everything) . I ended up just hot gun gluing majority of it on to myself lol. Near the end of the night, it all fell off. =(

I got my inspiration from an etsy seller ShhCoutureLatx & the image on the left was what my costume was suppose to look like if I managed to glue/sew everything on. I thought it turned out pretty decent in the end. =)

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